Best Multipurpose Memory Foam Wedge Pregnancy Pillow Online India



  • Excellent solution for Pregnancy Discomfort: New and improved wedge design promotes side sleeping and helps expectant mothers to sleep comfortably and feel relaxed during all trimesters.
  • Reduces Swelling with proper belly support: Expectant mothers can experience some swelling in hands, legs, feet and also a lot of discomfort due to the growing bump.
  • Can be used in multiple ways: Versatile belly support wedge pillow, can be placed under your belly, behind your back and between your knees to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Best Multipurpose Memory Foam Wedge Pregnancy Pillow Online India

The White Willow Memory Foam Pregnancy Pillow for Pregnant Women for Body & Belly Support- (15″ L x 13″ W x 4.3″ H) Blue




The White Willow started with the question, ‘why one-pillow-for-all?’. With the ideology that pillows are a personal choice, we dug deep to find that they are a matter of personal comfort, too! Today, we create 70+ pillows & cushions designed to suit people with different body types and sleeping patterns, helping thousands discover peaceful sleep.

  • Clean, hygienic and mite-free pillows made of non-toxic material.
  • It has Authentic Visco-elastic Memory foam for maximum support.
  • Over 70 variants to help you find a pillow that most nearly fits your sleeping needs.

What makes your product special?


We at ‘The White Willow’ are obsessed with our products and the engineering behind them. Staying true to our philosophy of innovating with a purpose we frequently bring about improvements in our designs. Each and every product is thoughtfully designed with comfort in mind and intended to give people a great sleep.

What has been the best part of your experience?

The best experience in our startup journey has been the opportunity to explore and create novel sleeping solutions. Also, by launching a vast variety of Memory Foam pillows to suit people’s body structure and sleeping style. The fact that our pillows have made a positive change in the way people sleep. It gives us immense satisfaction and motivation to keep working hard.

This wedge pillow helps you sleep on your left side which is better for your baby because it will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta. The small compact design is very easy to carry. And now we will take this pillow anywhere we travel to feel rested and relaxed just as we do at home.



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