Best Coozly Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Online India



  • Contains 1 C Shaped Premium LYTE Pillow + 1 Zippered Detachable 100% Cotton Stretch Pillow Cover.
  • It Contains a 50% Off Coupon for an extra Cover.
  • Pillow has Fine Coozly High Quality PregnoCare HQ fibres for a seamless feeling.
  • Coozly Fibers are Hypoallergenic, Non Reflexive and Null Pressure.
  • Fibres are Encased in a Colored Shell so that your pillow looks Good even without a cover!


Best Coozly Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Online India

Coozly Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow with 100% NEWD Cotton Stretch Detachable Cover – Pink



Size: 02 Premium LYTE | Color Name: Salmon Pink

Best Coozly Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Online India is known worldwide for their gentle feel. Coozly has the largest range of pregnancy pillows on the earth with many design, color and print options.

What’s SPECIAL about the Coozly Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow?

1. The Fibre – It contains the Coozly PregnoCare HQ Fibres that are soft and fluffy offering a Seamless Feel.

2. The Cover – Made from NEWD 100% Cotton Jersey Fabrics that have an organic Stretch. So that the pillow does not tear at the curves.

3. The Making of Pregnancy Pillows are unmatched. Also, it ensures that your investment in the pillow delivers the value it promises.

4. Ideal for Persons of Weight 65 kgs or more.

HOW To Choose Pillow model?


    • Choose a model of C Pillow depending on your weight.
      For persons of weight 65 kgs or smaller and less that height of 5 feet 6 inches. A smaller pillow is good to go.
    • For persons who weigh above 65 kgs, a larger pillow (Premium LYTE) offers maximum strengthen. The pillow itself must be stationary on the bed. Once you have made up our minds your sleeping position as per your comfort. The pillow itself must not require any tossing or flipping.
    • In a C Pillow, The back end of the pillow contours the Spine. Also, the other end comes in between the legs.
    • Therefore the pillow must fit the back accurately. It must not be too loose else it may not cushion the back.
    • For a detailed distinction between sizes, please refer to the image on Details.

Coozly Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Can be used for Pregnancy, Reading, Lounging. Post pregnancy it may be used for Breastfeeding and has Flexible Design for multipurpose use.

Please read the Description below. Also, See the Product Details in the Image Section that will help you choose the Correct Style. This product is first packed in a thick Original Coozly Zippered Bag then put in a bag for delivery.


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