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Best New Mom Maternity Pads After Delivery India 2021

Best New Mom Maternity Pads After Delivery India 2021

The birth of your child are going to be one among the foremost exciting, life-changing days of your life. But it’ll even be messy. Very messy. Post delivery, every woman is subjected to a period of bleeding which lasts for a minimum of 24 to 36 days. this is often termed as Postpartum bleeding and it’s a totally natural process. We have picked Best New Mom Maternity pads after Delivery India 2021 for you!

Feminine hygiene is of utmost importance to take care of a healthy life and isn’t any exception even during the bleeding period. And it involves the utilization of a typical maternity pad to assist you to urge through this era .

You’re never quite prepared for a few of the items you experience that first day postpartum, but you’ll still ensure you refill on the best New Mom Maternity pads after Delivery India 2021.

Why Use Maternity Pads?

Maternity pads are extra-long, more absorbable and cozy designed especially for this situation. Women got to change the pads often to remain fresh and keep off infection. Women always search for soft and long enough pads to feel safe from leaks. Also, smooth to be kind to your stitches.

Maternity pads are considered better than sanitary pads because they’re a touch thicker and wider than normal pads. During pregnancy, body nourishes the baby because of which the quantity of blood rises by 30 to 50 percent. Maternity pads are safe to use after delivery to soak up heavy bleeding as compared to ordinary sanitary napkins.

  • It is longer, softer and more absorbent than a sanitary pad.
  • It does not employ the use of plastic covering which is essential to prevent the irritation and infection of the stitches.

How many maternity pads will you need postpartum?

Plenty! you ought to start with 2-3 big pack of 12 maternity pads and buy more consistent with your need. Your maternity bag should contain a minimum of 2 packets of maternity pads. Good hygiene is extremely important so you would like to vary your pad often after parturition to the baby.

Varied Types of Maternity Pads

Maternity pads aren’t needed for the entire 4-6 weeks of after delivery bleeding. After the first week, many women switch to a less bulky Maternity pad or Napkin.

Disposable Maternity Pads

Like disposable diapers which is used for babies, disposable maternity pads can be used. It can be used  once and need to be thrown after being used. Though, these are ideal, because they have good absorbency material. Plus, disposable maternity pads could be more comfortable, like cloth maternity pads. 

Cloth Maternity Pads

Like cloth diapers for babies, these cloth maternity pads are soft and comfortable, though, at the same time, these are not good absorbent. but saves a lot of money. 

However, do you know what? 

If you are gonna go for these pads, you have to wash them. Which I guess, you don’t wanna do because you are still fragile during this postpartum period.

Frequently asked Questions?

The best place to buy maternity pad is Online. to be precise, Buy On Amazon.

Maternity pads are extra thick and long. The best time to use them is during the first week postpartum. When bleeding is heaviest and new mothers are resting and recuperating from giving birth.

Cloth maternity pads are ideal to save money and for the environment. But, you need to wash these, and many mothers say “no” to these as they are still fragile. On the other hand, disposable pads are absorbent and comfortable to use.

Best New Mom Maternity Pads After Delivery for the first week

To recap, maternity pads are long and thick pads. These are made specifically for the heavy bleeding that accompanies the first week postpartum. Many moms choose maternity pads for their absorbency, comfort and hygienic properties.

New Mom Maternity pads do not need to be worn for the entire 4 to 6 weeks of after Delivery. After the first week, many women switch to a postpartum maternity pad that is less bulky.

I love the following products for those first weeks postpartum. They encourage healing and keep new moms comfortable. You’ll love them!

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